What Are We?

We're SAFE. Because our core business is transportation and handling of hazardous materials, our commitment to maintaining a culture of safety is imperative.

Each of our trucks is rigged out with safety in mind for our employees and those within close working proximity. We designed and installed emergency eyewash/shower stations with fresh running water and adjustable water pressure that anyone can use with the simple push of a lever to ensure quick and easy washing of face and/or body if necessary.

we work safely or not at all

This is applicable not only to our organization but our clients, our highways, and our environment, beginning with our:

  • Driver selection & hiring process - we implement extensive background checks which include safety performance DOT history, strict driving record requirements for insurance purposes, and no less than 5 years hazmat experience.
  • Certifications & Training - we partner with Blakeman & Associates, a professional DOT/Safety/HR firm out of Conroe, TX to ensure a safe working environment. Our employees undergo regular safety courses and obtain certifications in all aspects of safety in the workplace and on the road.
  • Accident/Injury free workplace since our start in 2017
  • Open communication amongst employees, management, and customers ensure improved efficiency and operations

HAZMAC also designs and manufactures safety products, our most popular being the "candy cane".

Every trailer in our fleet is equipped with this unique tool that one person can simply hook onto a tank. Its safety features include:

  • Eliminates climbing on frac tanks
  • Eliminates acid or other vapors
  • Reduces splashing by allowing ground-level hookups instead of overhead hookups
  • Allows homogenous mix or transfer of hazardous chemicals